March: Busy Sissies!

As can be seen from the title, this month was extremely busy for the Alpha Gamma chapter! Aside from finishing up midterms and getting ready to end the semester, the chapter had a lot going on as well.

One of the first things I’d like to highlight from the month of March is our Spring Formal! For us, Formal is basically a dance where everyone dresses up and is able to just let loose and have some fun. We have this event specifically around this time as we know this is a time when people are preparing for the end of the semester. Therefore having a fun event around this time gives sisters a chance to destress and bond! This event was a total hit, and everyone loved it!

We also had a philanthropy during the month of March! This philanthropy was Sigma Slices. This is an event we hold yearly where we set up a booth in front of Ruby park on a Friday night and sell monster pizza from Pizza Perfection! It was a little chilly, but we persevered and were able to raise $2672 for the Sigma Kappa Foundation! They describe their mission as “to create and fund leadership, scholarship and philanthropic initiatives that reflect the values and spirit of Sigma Kappa Sorority”.

During March we also began preparing for Primary Recruitment! We had another recruitment workshop with our first mock recruitment session. Mock means that we met with another sorority and did a run through with them of the a day of recruitment. In this case it was the first day of recruitment, or Pan (Panhellenic) Day. This way both sororities can get feedback on things they may need to improve on prior to Primary Recruitment!

Finally, our sisterhood chair Hazel Wilburn put on an awesome sisterhood with the assistance of sister Emily Mccallum and LC Kim Ferguson. This really was an amazing sisterhood, and it was obvious that a ton of work was put into it turning out so well. The sisterhood started with everyone getting free shirts, which is always a good place to start. Sisters were then able to get food, snacks, candy, and pizza. After that everyone was divided into groups with people that they specifically didn’t know. This was done to get us out of our cliques and to try to bond with every sister, not just the ones we know. We then did multiple team building and communication exercises within those groups, as well as just getting to know each other too! Then someone from Sanctuary Yoga came in and did a yoga session with everyone, which was super cool! We then finished up with an exercise called “Tap a sister who”. This exercise involved Kim asking questions similar to “Tap a sister who inspires you”, as different groups of sisters got up and anonymously tapped sisters who they believed fit that description. Everyone REALLY loved this, because it really allowed sisters to see how much they really are appreciated within the chapter and how much they are truly loved.


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