Back To School!

Hello Parents!

After an eventful summer, the members of Sigma Kappa traveled back to our home in Pullman, Washington. Once we had all moved in, we got to work preparing for a busy week of recruitment, where over one thousand potential new members walked through our door. We really enjoyed participating in primary recruitment and ended up welcoming fifty-eight new members into our chapter!
Shortly after the excitement of Bid Day, school was upon us. August quickly came to an end while the members got back into the swing of fall classes and began to look forward to future events like Cougar Football Saturdays and the Sisterhood Retreat, where the whole chapter will go camping together.  It will be a wonderful opportunity to bond with our sisters and give the new members a chance to connect more with Sigma Kappa.  We are so excited to welcome the new members into our sisterhood!

Upcoming Dates:
– September 8th-9th: Sisterhood Retreat

Featured below are a few photographs from the start of primary recruitment to Bid Day.


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