Back To School!

Hello Parents!

After an eventful summer, the members of Sigma Kappa traveled back to our home in Pullman, Washington. Once we had all moved in, we got to work preparing for a busy week of recruitment, where over one thousand potential new members walked through our door. We really enjoyed participating in primary recruitment and ended up welcoming fifty-eight new members into our chapter!
Shortly after the excitement of Bid Day, school was upon us. August quickly came to an end while the members got back into the swing of fall classes and began to look forward to future events like Cougar Football Saturdays and the Sisterhood Retreat, where the whole chapter will go camping together.  It will be a wonderful opportunity to bond with our sisters and give the new members a chance to connect more with Sigma Kappa.  We are so excited to welcome the new members into our sisterhood!

Upcoming Dates:
– September 8th-9th: Sisterhood Retreat

Featured below are a few photographs from the start of primary recruitment to Bid Day.


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October: Friends, family and sisters!

It was a big month for the Alpha Gamma chapter. To start the month off we had the honor of initiating 53 new members of pledge class 2018 to our chapter. Theses members spent their time before initiation learning about the founding of our chapter, our key values and what it means to be a Sigma Kappa.

October was also the month that Sigma Kappa participated in Spokane’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s. We were able to raise $40,000 this year ranking us at number five of all Sigma Kappa’s in the nation. This amazing goal could not be met without our friends and family and a huge thank you goes out to you all.

At the end of this month we also got to see our Dad’s and other family members for Dad’s Weekend. The house was full of Dad’s and daughters seeing the house for the first time or coming back to celebrate the weekend again. With a close call, the Cougars were still able to pull off a win! It was a very memorable Dad’s weekend and we are already excited for next year!

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As Thanksgiving break approaches quickly we are all so excited to spend time with our families.


September: Welcome to Sigma Kappa!

September was an amazing month for the Alpha Gamma chapter of Sigma Kappa. In the month of August, we welcomed 64 new members to our chapter through formal recruitment.  We could not be happier with our new sisters and cannot wait to see them grow in the coming weeks. In the first week of September our chapter had the annual sisterhood retreat. The retreat took place at Deer Lake Resort just north of Spokane. Our time was spent at the waterfront, playing games, and learning more about our sisterhood. Sigma Kappa was also able to have a second Bid Day in September to celebrate 16 new sisters who joined our chapter through secondary recruitment.

The month of September is always an exciting month in Pullman because September means the start of CFS!! C.F.S. stands for Cougar Football Saturday, and is by far our most favorite day of the week. During homecoming week our chapter joined with the fraternity men of Theta Xi and Sigma Pi to participate in a week long list of activities to try and win homecoming.  Our team was able to participate in the chariot races during half time of the Utah vs. WSU game, it was a blast for everyone!

We also take a week in September to recognize national hazing awareness week. Our chapter has zero tolerance for hazing and we participate in this week every year to raise awareness.

Between sisterhoods, football games, and getting to know our newest Pledge class, September has been a wild month. We are so excited to start learning more and to initiate our new sisters in October

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April: We’re Done!

Hello Sigma Kappa friends and family! April marks the last month of the Spring semester at WSU. Our month started off extremely busy and never seemed to calm down. The first week of this month was spent with our mothers for Moms Weekend. The chapter hosted a lovely tea time on the first day followed by the main event “Mocktails with Mom” where SK daughters and their mothers sipped on fun drinks while painting flower pots together.

Later that month, we held our second philanthropy of the semester, Sigma Sweets! Sisters gathered on the mall (our main strip of buildings on campus) and sold homemade cookies, cupcakes and ice coffee. In total we raised $450 which will kickstart our philanthropy starting next semester “Walk to end Alzheimer’s”.

We have also finalized plans this month to renovate our formal living room and purchase new furniture for the basement! If you would like to help, we are currently looking for donations of dark grey, and purple (light and dark) pillows that can be donated for the new couch we will be purchasing over the summer. We also are looking for mirrors and nice wall decorations to make the house look a little fresher.

If you have anything you would like to donate feel free to mail them to:

720 NE Campus St.

Pullman Wa, 99163


One more week till we are all happily home!

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March: Spring is Here!

Happy Spring! We have finally hit somewhat sunny weather and can leave our snow boots behind. The sisters of Sigma Kappa have had a jam packed month, and we cannot believe it’s already over! The month of March started off with our Philanthropy Sigma Slices. For the event we set up a booth on Ruby Park and sold giant slices of pizza for $3 each. From the event we raised 2136, with all of the money going towards the Sigma Kappa Ultra Violet Campaign. The event was very successful and we look forward to hosting it again. That same weekend we had the honor of initiating six new members from our fall informal class, these girls will join the class of 2017! With spring break dividing our month the time together seemed to fly by. After getting back from a much needed spring break we all got dressed up for our Spring Formal! The event was fantastic and many cute photos were taken.

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Currently everyone is preparing for Moms weekend, we cannot wait to show you our chapter and to have a fun weekend with our favorite mothers.

February: Sisterhood

The month of February came and went much faster than anyone was expecting. But we still made sure to stay as busy as possible. Our month started with the annual Sigma Kappa spring sisterhood. For this sisterhood we were able to rent out a room in the Chinook building and decorate the room for a Hawaiian theme! At the event we played many different games and made Valentine’s day cards for the local assisted living center.

We also were able to have our very first Galenintes day! The week of Valentine’s day our historian and sisterhood chair came together and decorated the basement for a girls only Valentine’s Day celebration. The day was spent decorating cookies, watching movies and making each other cards!

While this month has mainly been focused on scholarship we are looking forward to many future events in the upcoming months. Mom’s weekend cannot come any faster!

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January: Spring Semester

Hello Parents! We are finally in second semester and we are hitting the ground running! Our new executive board and cabinet are fully emerged into their positions and cannot wait to start on their new jobs! We had a nice photoshoot of both the Executive Board and Cabinet to update the photos in our house.

            January also marked the start of Informal Recruitment. Much like formal recruitment we get to talk and meet many new girls and from the girls we meet over informal recruitment, a small group will join our fall pledge class to become members of Sigma Kappa! A total of nine girls have accepted bids to be a part of our chapter and we are excited to initiate them in March.

            We are all happy to be back and with sisters once again and expect February to be a busy month!

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It’s Fall!

Hello Parents!

With September came the beginning of Fall and the reintroduction of down vests, pumpkin spice lattes, and of course, Cougar Football Saturdays! Our sisters have enjoyed gathering in Martin Stadium each weekend to cheer on the Cougs in what is turning out to be an exciting football season. The second weekend of the month, over one hundred of our members traveled to Deer Lake Resort for our sisterhood retreat where we were able to enjoy the fresh mountain air and participate in fun sisterhood activities. Later that week, our Continuing Membership Chair, Haeley Johnston, organized Fall Informal Recruitment, from which we welcomed eight new women into Sigma Kappa. The new members are learning more about our sorority each week as they eagerly await initiation into the chapter. We officially pinned them as new members of Sigma Kappa this past month and can’t wait until October eighth, when they will become initiated members of the Alpha Gamma Chapter of Sigma Kappa!
September was filled with many exciting events for our sisters, including Big/Little Reveal! Each new member is matched up with a “Big Sister” in our sorority to act as a role model for the younger member and to guide them through college. The relationship between a Big and Little is very special and lifelong bonds are often formed. Now that September has come to an end, we are looking forward to what October will bring for our sisters. The women of our chapter have been raising money and are getting ready to participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Spokane this month; we are proud to represent our chapter and show our dedication to this important cause.

Upcoming Dates:
– Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Spokane: Oct. 7th
– Initiation: Oct. 8th
– Homecoming Week: Oct. 16th – 21st
– Dad’s Weekend: Nov. 3rd – 5th

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